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Ava J's - Broken Beans

Ava Jones LOVES to cook, but her favorite part of the kitchen is when she's done and she gets to eat whatever she has cooked up! She has some AMAZING ideas, and is currently working on a Cook Book to spread the love. She wants to share her unique recipe ideas and loves how food brings the family, and people in general, together. She is CERTAINLY not a picky eater, and is open to try almost anything! She is such a great kid and everything you see besides this intro, is ALL Ava! She named the restaurant, she created the menu and all the recipes, AND she picked out the products that we will have available for sale, through TONS of research and trials.

Ava Jones is also the Warehouse Manager at Above Ground Level Discs, where she works with her family to help grow the sport of disc golf! She loves to play disc golf whenever she isn't cooking, reading, or doing schoolwork. Ava also manages a Fundraiser for her school - Terrell Elementary School, in San Jose. She charges $2 to do a custom art piece, where the money gets donated to the school to help fund supplies, such as: pencils, paper, erasers, notebooks, or anything else they may need.

Ava J's - Broken Beans Restaurant Menu *Cook Book Coming Soon!

  1. Appetizers

    1. Fried Oranges

    2. Cheese Sticks

    3. Ava's Broken Bean Dip

  2. Salads

    1. Ava's Broken Bean Salad

    2. Blue Cheese Salad

    3. Italian Salad

  3. Soups

    1. Ava's Ham & Broken Bean Soup

    2. Potato Soup w/ Cheese

    3. Lemon/Tomato/Pepper Soup Surprise

  4. Entrees

    1. Ava Bean Burger w/ Cheese

    2. Pizza w/ Beans & Black Olives

    3. Cheese Burger

  5. Sides

    1. Ava's Fries w/ Beans & Cheese

    2. Garlic Fries

    3. Baked Broccoli & Carrots w/ Garlic

  6. Dessserts

    1. Ava's Vanilla Bean Surprise

    2. Ava's Coffee Bean Mousse Cake

    3. Chocolate Cupcakes w/ Rainbow Sprinkles

  7. Drinks

    1. Ava's Coffee Bean Ice Tea

    2. Tea

    3. Coffee

    4. Orange or Apple Juice

Sweet Dreams

So Ava also had this awesome idea to share "Sweet Dreams"! She developed a Google form that contains a questionnaire regarding what you want to dream about at night. She has some really cool options, and multiple choice questions - that allow you to create the very SWEETEST of Sweet Dreams! One day, her goal is to compile a section in her cook book with all of the very best ideas. So have fun and be creative!

Please feel free to fill out her form and hopefully your Sweet Dream will make it in her book! Use the button labeled "Sweet Dreams Form" to fill out a free form for her to check out your dreams. She loves to read the new ones before bed and always gets excited about some of the awesome dreams people are having! (Makes me hungry reading them, as some of them are REALLY amazing)!

Broken Beans - Oven Mitts (Available NOW!!!!)

Our first official item! Ava thought the first thing any good cook SHOULD HAVE, is a quality oven mitt. As most thing that happen in the kitchen require some type of heat, it's always best to protect yourself. Safety should always be top priority in any kitchen, whether home or professional - but especially parents teaching cooking to children. Ava is all to aware as she herself has touched a hot stove.

So she set out on a mission to find the very best Oven Mitts/Pot Holders. We sampled MANY MANY manufacturers to finally find something that we feel confident about. She worked with local LEGEND - Jef Wind, to create her logo. The logo will be put onto the wrist area of each Oven Mitt. This is the first of many items to come from Ava J! Stay tuned!

The button below will take you to her other family business (AGL Discs), where you can complete the shipping and payment portion of the transaction, on a safely secured website - hosted by Shopify.

ONE PAIR For only $14.99!

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